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The Studio

At &Running, our focus is on building a better running community. On the road, it can be intimidating to join a group that might be at a faster pace, in fear you will be left behind. The treadmill levels the playing field, and makes all runners equal. At &Running if you run, you are a Runner. We offer support to runners of all abilities and experiences to enjoy a group environment that has equal opportunity for everyone. We start together, we push the limits together, and we finish together.
The energy is positive at &Running. Our coaches are of all speeds, abilities, and backgrounds. You will find empowering messages from our coaches and instructors encouraging every member to push their hardest and to be the best version of themselves.

&Running will be a place to bring the entire running community together, including class offerings, outdoor running opportunities, social events, and the opportunity to give back to our local community.

About The Founder

Leah Williams, founder and owner of &Running, is a lover of all things running and group fitness. Falling in love with spin classes during graduate school, she often found herself wishing for a similar type of class on a treadmill. Writing these workouts on post-it notes for herself and her friends to do on the treadmills over the years, she also realized that runners need a place to get all of their needs met, and she set out to create that space. After 15 years as a genetic counselor, she decided to take the leap from family pedigrees and rare disorders to sweaty class playlists and encouraging words over the mic. Her ultimate goal for &Running is to design a space where everyone feels valued and encouraged, everyone is pushed to their limits, and everyone is celebrated for their success.